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The City of Salisbury

22nd March 2016

Now available.

'The City of Salisbury- The Complete Guide to the Medieval City' is now stocked in your local bookshop or available to buy online by clicking below.

Avebury Landscapes

5th May 2015

Now available.

A beautifully presented pictorial guide to Avebury's Landscapes. Look out for it in your nearest bookshop or buy it by following this link.

The Town of Marlborough

24th February 2015

Now available.

'The Town of Marlborough - The Complete Guide to the Historic Market Town' is now stocked in your local bookshop or available to buy online by clicking below.

5th February

Wiltshire Museum Art Gallery, Long Street, Devizes from 8 February 2014 until 31 May 2014. Normal Admission Charges Apply.

2nd February 2014

Savernake Forest, Wiltshire: This extraordinary oak has been shedding branches, rotting down slowly for decades, possibly centuries.

17th December 2013

A new visitor centre at Stonehenge, built to "restore the dignity" of the monument, is to be opened on Wednesday, English Heritage has announced.

20th January 2013

Avebury in Wiltshire has been named the second best heritage site in the world for visitors by a panel of experts in Which? Travel magazine.


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The Devil's Chair - Avebury

Winter Solstice - Stonehenge

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The Devil's Chair - Avebury


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