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Avebury Stone Circle - World Heritage Site

This successful book is one of Avebury’s best selling guides. It has been revised to include the latest archaeological discoveries at Avebury and nearby Neolithic monuments.

Inside the book you will find:


  • A guided walk around the circle.

  • How the circle was created.

  • Who wanted it destroyed and why.

  • Why it was partially restored.

  • The significance of the shape of the stones.

  • Where the surrounding Neolithic monuments are located and how to get to them.

  • Plus much more!


"A precise and informative guide to Avebury and its monuments. The short walks are easy to follow, and each page is packed with illustrations and facts. A must for every Avebury visitor."

- Lynda Murray, author of 'A Zest For Life' - biography of Alexander Keiller

Price £3.50


ISBN 978 09544916 59


Published 2013

32 pages

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